My Second Wednesday Blog

Even though it isn’t tree planting season things are still happening in the Susie Forest world. For one thing I’m writing on the blog.

Last Friday I went to the first tree meetings of the year and the Susie Forest was mentioned in the 2012 annual report of the Urban Forestry Department of the Parks Department. There’s also a picture of a little old lady who kind of looks like my mother holding the map of the Spokane Susie Forest tree. And that will be included in the Parks Department annual report too.

At the meeting I received support for my idea to offer trees for a grove in Newtown CT to honor those killed at Sandy Hook School. On Monday I called the Parks Department there and found that many trees have been offered but they would include one Susie Forest tree. The director liked the idea of an individual tree for each family and writing and hanging tree-grams. We will keep in touch.

Yesterday while I talked with the owner of C&H Auto (who has planted four Susie Forest trees at his place of business) and he asked if it was all right for him to donate a tree for an auction. Of course I said that I loved the idea. There have been trees donated to auctions for the Bicycle Alliance of Washington, the Methow Comservancy, the Lands Council, and a Jewish Congregation.

And this morning I emailed a set of pictures from the Cliff-Cannon Neighborhood Tree of the Year walk to be used as part of our neighborhood’s report to City Council this month.

So Susie Forest business continues. But as usual every winter I can’t wait for planting season to begin. I miss the high I get every time I watch a tree go into the ground and feel the excitement of the participants. And I feel Susie’s presence and approval.

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