NewYear’s Resolution: Blog on Wednesdays

Here I am on the first Wednesday of 2013 writing on the Susie Forest blog. Yay for me! Last year was such an awesome year for the Forest and now I have to figure out how to make this year even better.

Last year there were travels to Richland, Portland, Ottawa, Long Beach. Bridgeport and Bellingham to either plant trees or plan for them. We planted Katsuras and Lindens, Ponderosas and Maples, Dogwoods and Elms, and even a Canary Island Pine and a Palm Tree.

And lots more. There were 38 individual trees and a grove of ten Ponderosas for the tenth anniversary of Susie’s death.

There were great stories told: two Spokane parks turned 100, a tree for our new mayor, a tree chosen by the Shadle Library patrons, a tree to remember a young soccer lover and so many more. I loved meeting all the great people who came and helped plant the trees. And I loved introducing them to Susie.

I found pictures of Susie Forest tree plantings in the local Friendship Force brochure. And there was a peek at the original Susie tree in the Japanese Garden on a picture postcard and on the cover of a phone book.

A philanthropy class at Whitworth University, the Spokane Parks Board, and the Automotive Service Association all got to hear me talk about the Susie Forest.

What a great year!!

Time to start planning, Nancy.

I resolve to be back next week.

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