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For more information about planting a tree in The Susie Forest please email us at

3 Responses to Contact Us

  1. Maile Winograd says:


    I just went for an evening walk with the dogs to the beach in Glencoe. I was taking a minute on a bench when i noticed some “ornaments” dangling from a tree. First the laminated sheet with that beautiful quote that I can only recall the last few word….start pedaling. I was compelled to read as may othe words and saw the website which I quickly “jotted” in my phone. I just finished reading most of it. I am so moved by the beauty of your endeavor. I was raised in Glencoe and now am raising my 4 children here.
    I will stay in touch for your new additions to the site.


  2. Judy Samples says:

    What a beautiful video of Susie’s life. Thank you, Nancy, for putting this web page together. I love it, and I know many others will be touched and blessed by your hard, diligent work.

    Judy Samples
    (Stephen P. McBride’s Mom. We have a tree planted at Camp Caro Park in The Dishman Hills in memory of Steve.)

  3. I moved from Airway Heights 2.5 years ago, and now live in Olympia. I’d love to get some Susie Forest trees planted in my neck of the woods. I’m also on the City of Olympia Parks and Recreation Committee, which is where I heard of your organization. I plan to try the Tree Kibbles on my food blog 🙂

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