Time to Get to Work

I’m housesitting in this cold snowy weather with no car. Now there’s lots of time to goof off, nap, and read. But I’m also using the time to work on supplies for the next tree planting season. Last month when I was here I made more than 200 tree-grams.

This time I brought rolls of Contac paper and bookmarks with the plan to make lots of laminates. “OK,” I said to myself, “I’ll fix a dozen a day and that will make 108 done by the time I leave for home.” Spreading it out was a good plan because I waited until the last few days during the December stay and had to work like crazy to cut up all the grocery bags I brought with me.

The first two days I did my twelve between naps and books. On the third day I finished up the partial roll of Contac paper and got out the second only to find that it was white and not clear. Only seven that day. Only 31 for my stay. Oh, well. But 31 will get me through quite a few trees.

But, yes I brought some twine to cut up! So I will have something to show for my “lazy” time.

I love staying at this house. I look out the front window and there are two Susie Forest street trees. Looking out the back window I can see three Susie Forest trees in Corbin Park and two street trees across the way. And out of sight to the left there are six more Susie Forest trees in the park. If the weather warms up a bit and the walking looks safe I’m going to go out and visit them all.

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