August Trees

August is usually a “no tree” month, but not this year! Matt McCain found a way to plant Susie Forest trees in Afghanistan. Good job Matt!

This month I received an e-mail from a friend of Susie’s who, after much hard work got a dogwood planted at the new children’s museum in Olympia. Yeah!

I flew to Portland to dedicate another Tour des Trees Susie tree, but it hadn’t been planted. I did have time to talk with some of the bicycling arborists and was invited to next year’s tour in Toronto by Professor Pricklethorn himself. When this year’s tree is planted in November there will be a chance to cheer.

Then it was on to Ottawa and the thrill of dedicating a tree in a world capital. Thanks to the Canadians who helped work out a way to add a Susie tree even when it isn’t tree-planting season.

And then there was today, the last day of August. I hoped to hear back from a principal I’ve tried to contact about a Read for Trees program. This Bridgeport school is getting off to a new start with a principal who emphasizes reading. And there was a message from Winthrop that the Susie Stephens Trail will be ready for dedication and the planting of the Conservancy trees in October.

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