A Week in Corbin Park

Corbin Park isn’t in my neighborhood but I feel but I feel like it is. I spent part of four days there planting trees. This was all set off in May when Diane Sherman and Erez Batat donated three trees to the park and wanted them to be part of the Susie Forest. I suggested that each of them honor someone. There was a great neighborhood get-together and dedication and we talked more trees for the park.

And wow! they wanted more trees. So three were planned for the park and two across from the park in planting strip at Dianne and Erez’s house. And so, my week in the park. Celebrations will come in July.

 I spent four days at the park watching and helping plant trees. I usually arrived early and visited Susie’s 2005 anniversary tree and then found a good spot in the park to read while I kept an eye and an ear out for the sight or sound of the truck. I spent a very short time in the shady spot that I chose one day because it didn’t take long for the black flies to find me. I found the sunnys spots were the best place to read. I enjoyed the sun and the book, watched the children playing, and talked to passersby. It was a great week for an apartment dweller.

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