What a Trip!

The short version is:
1 plane ride – to Sea-Tac
2 states – Oregon and Washington
3 cities with new trees -Portland, Allyn, & Seattle
4 beds-Portland, Puyallup, Seattle, Bothel
5 planting ceremonies – 2 in Seattle
6 trees-Persian Parrotia, Magnolia, 2 Cherries,
Scarlet Oak, and Japanese Maple
7 days
A really big number for the wonderful people that I met and those who helped me participate, drove me around – and baked cookies so I would have room in my suitcase for clothes.

Portland's First Tree

Bicycle Alliance Tree 2011

I didn’t mention the Bicycle Alliance of Washington’s Life Members party in a beautiful apartment overlooking Seattle’s docks.

As my friend Ruth and I walked to her car after the last planting, I remarked that I was feeling very hyper and high as a kite and that tree planting did that to me. “I noticed,” she said.

After being high on trees for a week I’ve needed a little down time, but I’m gearing up for the last of the trees for this planting season. Soon it will be time to plan for the fall plantings and a longer trip.

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