Last week I attended and helped with a record tree planting – thirteen. It was also my first time helping people plant seedlings. Residents at AscendA , A Sober Community here in Spokane recieved twelve seedlings at the Arbor Day celebration at the arboretum. They met me at the Urban Forestry and Susie Forest booth and after hearing my story, they wanted their trees to be part of the Susie Forest. I went to the community to help and, I hope, to teach them about tree planting and care. The owners also brought a small tree they dug up from their yard which we also planted even though no one knows what kind of a tree it is. I made one small tree-gram for each tree and gave them larger ones to put their dreams and wishes. These we planted with the trees. Three of the trees were dedicated to friends who were not able to overcome the problems in their lives. It was a wonderful experience.
But now, how do I deal on my maps with so many small trees in one area. I thought about putting one marker for all of them because I didn’t remember which type of tree was where. Then I decided that that wasn’t fair to these little trees or to the people who worked so hard to plant them. This afternoon I’m heading back to AscendA with a map and I will get every tree in its proper spot – all thirteen!

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