Decisions are Hard

A tree planting trip is coming up. There will be two states, four beds, five tree plantings, six trees and planes, trains, automobiles, buses and shoe leather. I have piles in the livingroom of tree planting materials – tree-grams, bookmarks, laminated bookmarks, business cards, brochures, pictures, and – whew, luckily no cookies. My friend Ruth and her daughter Heather made the cookies.
I have two suitcases out. After packing all my “tree stuff” in the smaller one, will there by room for any clothes? That is my problem, how few clothes can I get by with? I have to keep my priorities straight and just take the important stuff -tree stuff. So Thursday I’m off to Portland, the Kitsap peninsula, and Seattle. I’ll let you know which suitcase comes along with me and how I make out with my final decision.

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