Six Trees Today!!

I’ve taken off my rain-drenched hat, removed my mud-clogged boots, fixed a mug of hot cocoa and I’m in heaven. I arrived at the Sixth Ave planting site and watched the crew from District 81 put in the last of the six trees. They got some Tree-Kibbles to keep them going. The first two group of students, Special Education and Advanced Art, arrived and began shoveling and watering. The mistiness of the wather didn’t seem to bother even the kids in T-shirts. During the lull between periods I went to get my car tabs across the street and when I told the ladies there about the Susie Forest, one of them gave me a donation. Trees have great power! The second period brought the Drama club and the Japanese club. After their work, the Drama students sang “Happy Birthday” to their tree and the Japanese club sang to their tree in Japanese. I’ll have to say that I can no longer state that it never rains when a Susie tree is planted because there was actual rain duding this planting. After s short pause it was back to mist for the last groups, Debate and Ecology. These were small but energetic groups. What a great wet, muddy morning. The students all seemed genuinely pleased to be there and wrote great tree-grams. They sort of groaned when I talked about their 50th reunions and visiting their tree then.
I wanted to honor students that don’t get a lot of recognition and I’m so pleased that a photographer from the newspaper was there for the middle group. Here’s hoping that some of these students get their picture in the paper.
What a great morning. The hot chocolate is gone so it’s time to start planning for the next planting.

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