A Six-Tree Planting Day

One day as I was stopping for the light at 6th and Stevens I was stunned to see that the big trees across the street were gone. I loved those trees. I called the arborist and he told me that they were old, weak and becoming a hazard; they came down but they would be replaced by the school district. Well, I don’t let tree planting opportunities pass me by. Lewis and Clark was Susie’s alma mater and I wanted those trees to be in the Susie Forest. There are lots of great students and interesting groups in high schools that nobody hears about. I asked the school if each tree could have a sponsor and participate in the planting. I got a yes! And so this winter I visited meetings of the drama club, the Japanese club, the ecology club, the debate team, and class periods of advanced art and special education. I showed Susie in the 1983 yearbook and told her story; I left tree-grams for them to fill out. I enjoyed the visits very much and got a great reception form the students.
So, tomorrow, although it may be raining, six trees will be planted and adorned and, I hope, become important to some great kids.

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