Will a Government Shutdown Shutdown a Tree?

I’m waiting for the news this morning. I was going to put an event on the site but I don’t know if it will occur.
Jack, Becky and I have tickets to fly to St Louis on Thursday to honor Susie’s birthday with a tree at the Arch where Susie spent her last evening. We’re thrilled to have permission to plant a tree in a National Park and want to thank the great people from Missouri that we met last fall at the Pro Walk Pro Bike Conference in Chattanooga for making this all possible. BUT – if a federal shutdown lasts until next Friday there will be no one to plant the Bur Oak close to the south foot of the Arch. We need to come up with a plan B. Do we plant the tree later in the spring not on her birthday? Do we wait until next April? Do we plant another tree somewhere else in St Louis for her birthday? We’ll have to wait to see how today works out and if for the worse, how long it lasts. I’ll be writing more later.

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1 Response to Will a Government Shutdown Shutdown a Tree?

  1. Breck says:

    The mess being created by our Government is beginning to hit home in ways we did not foresee. I suggest you disconnect your attention from the laudable but non-essential tree-planting and begin to look at what is going on in the World today. Government is the problem not the solution.

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