It Was a WOW Day

This week’s resolution was #5 – Try to find sponsors for the Susie Forest who would donate one tree a year. My goal was to find three this year and hope to add three more every year. A couple of weeks ago I tried putting out feelers – “Do you know anyone who might be an easy ‘yes’ to my ask? I don’t want to cry when someone says no.” Those feelers haven’t made their way back to me yet.

But yesterday I attended two tree meetings and “WOW!” At the Tree Committee of the Parks Board I asked if anyone could suggest a person, a company, or an organization that I could approach. And I suddenly had two sponsors. I told them that they could use their trees any way they wanted and one will be in the auction for Gonzaga Prep and the other will help out Coaches vs Cancer. So I want to thank Chris Wright and Ken Van Voorhis. And it will be so fun working on their projects.

So I came home with two down and one to go. This morning I called what I thought was my maybe only sure thing. Ed Cushman at C&H Foreign Auto has planted four Susie Forest trees at his business and is thinking of donating a tree for the Women’s and Children’s Free Restaurant auction. I thought he would agree to be a sponsor and HE DID!

In 12 hours I reached my goal. That was too easy. So what do I do now? I want to add more next year, so I don’t want to use my known contacts right away. But I have feelers out there and maybe some will find their way back to me and I will act on them immediately.

So, #5 is done!

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