A New Year for Trees

On Tu B’Shevat, Sunday, my son Jack and I toasted the trees in the Susie Forest and ate nuts and tree fruits. To top the day off, I also celebrated National Chocolate Cake Day with a huge piece of cake that I didn’t have to share with Jack who hates chocolate.

Last week I worked on a list of New Year’s resolutions for the Susie Forest and came up with 15 really good ones. Now all I have to do is work on them and maybe reporting on them on this blog will help me succeed. This is what I’ve accomplished since Sunday:

#1. Paint hearts on rocks to put by Susie Forest trees.
I learned about this from a friend and decided to paint on the rocks I’ve collected from tree plantings and put them by new trees. I’ll do a few each week.

#3. Move delayed plantings from fall tree list to spring list.
Done. And I’m adding the new potential trees.

#7. Contact overseas planting opportunities.
I heard this week that I will be able to plant a tree at a French chateau during a Friendship Force stay this summer.

Well, that’s what I’ve done so far. One down and fourteen to go.

As I read I come across mentions of the importance of trees in the lives of people. Here’s one from Joyride: Pedaling Toward a Healthier Planet by Mia Birk:

…while I trudge along, dragging my suitcase, each step an effort. Heat-conducting
glass, asphalt and steel, are the only materials in sight; hasn’t Houston heard the
news that trees are a good thing?

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