Some Stats

After six weeks with no tree activities and serious withdrawal symptoms, it was so great to attend two tree meetings this afternoon and hear about plans for 2012. I’m not a member of either committee, but they’re used to me attending every meeting and they allow me to give citizen’s input.

Today I gave them some 2011 stats and here they are:
111 trees planted (there may be four or five more when I get confirmation of the plantings).
84 trees planted in Spokane, 37 planted by Urban Forestry.
States with new Susie Forest trees
CT – 1
VA – 8
MO – 1
WY – 2
OR – 1
Countries with new Susie Forest trees
Japan – 4
Pakistan – 1
Canada – 1

And I donated to Heifer International for a tree planting project in Haiti.

What a great year 2011 was and we’ll make 2012 even better!

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