New Year’s – and Resolutions

This fall was such a busy time with trips and tree plantings and housesitting and being under the weather that I have sorely neglected this blog. I resolve to do a better job!!

It was such a great planting spree this fall with trips to Connecticut, Virginia, Western Washington and Canada. How could I not write and write? Now I’m going to count up all the trees and think about all the wonderful stories – and maybe write about some of them.

This also the time when I try to get lots of the tree-grams and laminated bookmarks ready for the spring planting season. And I mix up cookie dough for the tree-kibbles and get it into the freezer.

As my son Jack says, “Buck up, Mom, this is your job.” And he’s so right. And I love it so much.

Happy New Year to all! And I’ll be back real soon.

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