Prelude to a Tree

Tree-grams for Grace

Last April I wrote about Grace Flott and her jump from a burning building in Paris. I wrote a tree-gram and took more to libraries and to tree people and hung them from Jim Flott’s tree. We photographed the tree and sent it to Paris.

On her way to recovery she came home to Spokane and went in her wheelchair to visit the tree and all the messages of love and hope.
While under sedation in the Parisian hospital she mouthed to her mother that she would like to bicycle this summer. Could she get a new bike? Thoughts of Susie resonated through me and I decided she should have that bike. So I went around to those same great people and asked for donations. We raised the money for Grace’s bicycle. Yesterday I went with Jim and Grace to the North Division Bicycle Shop and SHE GOT HER BIKE! What a thrill to watch her ride that bike around the parking lot. Thank you to everyone who contributed and helped me accomplish this.

Grace on her new bike!

Sometime in October there will be a tree planting party where Grace decides she wants her tree. And she will ride up to her Victory tree on her bicycle!

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