Cookie Panic

Keeping up with the cookies that are a must at every tree planting can keep me very busy. And there is the problem of the oven heating up my small apartment in the summer time. Once heated it doesn’t cool down. So in the spring I try to get some into the freezer for the early fall plantings. This year I have quite a few put away because my friend Ruth and her daughter Heather baked a LOT for my trip to Portland and Seattle. Here’s a public “Thank You” to them.
But this fall I have two early plantings, and then I need to send some to Springfield MO with local arborists because they said with cookies in hand they could plant a Susie tree there. And then I have a three-week trip planned to the East Coast with, I hope, several plantings and then more right after I get home.
Going through my mind all the time is, “Are there enough cookies in the freezer?” In June, on a cool day it hit and I ran to the store for ingredients and made a batch. Into the freezer they went.
And then this week the panic hit again. I checked the weather report and yes, if I got the dough mixed up right away, it would be cool enough early the next morning to rush the through the baking. Off to the store I raced.
There are more cookies in the freezer and if the panic comes back there may not be room for anything else in there.

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