What’s With the Map?

I’ve loved the Google map. My son Jack fixed some icons for me so I could differentiate between the locales of the trees and away I went. I’ve loved coming home from a tree-planting and putting the newest addition to the Susie Forest on the map.
Then as we got closer to 200 trees funny things began to happen. First, parts of the descriptions began to disappear, then the font got smaller and one tree even transplanted itself. The big change came through when I entered placemark number 201; there was a new page. “That’s ok, I thought” and entered the next tree which also was listed as placemark number 201. What’s with that? Then I noticed that there was only one tree in Corbin Park where I had added several. Oh no, it’s a whole new map.
So what do I do? Should I have one map for Spokane and another for the rest of the world? But by late fall we may very well have more than 200 trees in the city. Then what? – a map for south of the Spokane River and one for north? And if I delete the tree from Chattanooga will that move a non-Spokane tree from Map #2 to Map #1?
I don’t know what to do. We’ve sent a message to Google but no answer. If some one has any ideas let me know. Until we figure out what to do I haven’t added any trees to the map (or maps).

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