Meaningful to Whom?

One of the goals of the Susie forest is to make each tree meaningful to someone. The birthday and anniversary trees for Susie marking the beginning and end of her life are very meaningful to me. So I have set out to make all the other Susie Forest meaningful to other people. On Saturday three groups of Girl scouts came to the Arbor Day dedication and I talked to them about earning the Susie Forest patch. I hope they do and that this tree will be for the rest of their lives a connection to this part of their childhood.
On Monday the family of Lonnie Waln planted a tree along Grand Blvd to help make his life meaningful to the grandchildren who will only know him through pictures and stories. Seventeen month old Maryn Humewas most interested in shoveling while her brother Kehne was busy looking for more tree-kibbles. It was a time of tears and laughter.
Yesterday I took another batch of tree-grams to Jim Flott’s tree. It was a very dark and cloudy afternoon but as I hung the tree-grams a beam of sunshine hit the tree and disappeared as I finished. I think this act was meaningfulto someone and I hope it will be for Jim and his family.
I hope each that each person or group who has a Susie Forest tree finds meaning in it, but I find the people,many of whom I never knew before, and their stories have become very meaningful to me. As I drive around Spokane past the many Susie Forest trees, I think about all the people and stories that have now become a part of my life and Susie’s legacy. Thanks to all who plant a tree.

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