I Talk Myself into Another Tree

Yesterday I went to the Arbor Festival prepared for anything, even adding another tree to the Susie Forest. There have been a couple of Susie trees planted at these festivals but this year no one, not even me, brought up the subject. When I saw Angel Spell, the Urban Forester, I asked if there was to be a planting and if they wanted it to be a Susie tree. She confabbed with the head of the arboretum and, by gum, there is another tree in the Susie Forest. It was hard to gather the people for the dedication, but we found three Girl Scout troops, 3650, 3623, and 2079, to walk over to the site. They listened to my spiel, looked at my pictures, and wrote tree-grams. Sorry, I forgot the cookies. I’ve decided that this City Sprite Zelkova will be dedicated to those Girl Scouts.

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