I’ve Got to Get Blog-writing Down

I just watched Julie and Julia and now I know I don’t write these blogs often enough or up to date enough. So I’ll start now. Tree planting starts tomorrow, but first I want to comment about a couple of events that happened in the fall and winter. In October I donated a tree to The Bicycle Alliance of Washington’s auction. I stood up and gave my Susie spiel and then the bidding began. When it reached $1000, I offered a second tree. Wow! Two thousand dollars of the Alliance and two trees in the Puget Sound area. Then in Febrary I donated a tree to The Methow Conservancy. They didn’t want bids on the tree but wanted it as an incentive for the open giving section of the auction. If the amount reached $5000 I would donate a tree; it reached $10,000 and there will be two Susie trees in the Methow Valley. Right now the members of the Conservancy are choosing where the trees will be planted. Now I have two options to offer to auctions I want to help out.
Now to the future.Tomoorow is the ninth anniversary of Susie’s death and her anniversary tree will be planted in Minnehaha Park in Northeast Spokane at 1:30. If anybody reads this please feel invited. I will give more notice of tree plantings in the future but the location was just discovered on Thursday and the time decided on Friday.
With planting season underway I will be writing more often, so keep tuned.

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