Snowy Day Thoughts

The trees are planted, the tree-grams are hanging from the branches, the tree kibbles are eaten and the snow is falling. Now is a good time to think back about this fall’s trees before I start planning for the spring. Or earlier – more about that later.
On October 19 C&H Auto Repair planted their third tree. I actually tricked them into planting their first tree. When I asked they agreed to let me be their spotlighted customer for their newsletter and write about The Susie Forest. They wanted a picture and I thought the best would be a picture in front of the tree they just planted. They agreed and the picture was taken in front of their newly planted tulip tree. The owners and workers enjoyed the tree that they have planted one every year since. There’s room for one more.
A good reason to plant a tree is to thank those who have worked hard and long for you. That’s what Andy Billig did on Election Day. Before the outcome was known he planted a Champion Green Ash in Grant Park for his volunteers. He did win and has said that he wants to plant a tree again when he runs for office again in two years.
I’d better get this posted and reminisce some more another day.

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