A Brazilian Susie Tree!

When I heard that a couple from my apartment house were planning a trip to visit Roque’s family in Brazil, I couldn’t help myself I had to ask if they would try to plant a Susie tree there. As my children know I even go up to strangers and ask this. They were willing and so I waited. I just received a note from John and Roque and this is what it said: Roque’s family has a beach house at Arauama, which is a two-hour drive from northeast of Rio de Janeiro. The house is situated in a large quintal (wall-enclosed garden). We planted a Brazilian Ipe tree in the quintal to honor your daughter Susie Stephens. The Ipe tree is also known as the Trumpet Tree because of its purple tube-shaped flowers. It is a member of the Bignoniaceae family and thrives in Brazil. Roque’s family was particularly moved by your daughter Susie’s story and your dedication to planting trees in The Susie Forest around the world in her memory.
There are Susie trees in Peru through a Heifer International tree planting program that I donated to, but this is the first individual Susie tree in South America. I am so excited and so thankful. Thank you Roque and John.

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