A Tree in Glencoe

There I stood looking out over Lake Michigan and down to the beach where I went swimming more than fifty years ago. It was hot and humid and it brought back so many memories. In front of me stood a group of bicycling arborists on orange shirts listening as I told them about Susie and her Forest. They applauded when I told them that I donate to Heifer International’s tree planting programs to move The Susie Forest across the world. They gave me an alternate name for the peppernut cookies that people have thought were kibbles – tree kibbles. Perfect! They wrote their tree-grams, thanked me for the presentation, hopped on their bikes and headed for the Botanic Garden for lunch. I waited a bit and spoke with representatives from the Glencoe Historical Society. I gave to them some copies of Harper’s Young People 1884-85 that I had found in the barn of our home two blocks from this park in 1944. Then I spoke with a woman from the Glencoe Public Library about Read for Trees and gave her two books donated by Davey Trees. Then I got to go to the Botanic Garden for lunch under the trees. The Glencoe tree, dedicated to my parents, was the fifth tree I got to add to The Susie Forest on July 18, 2010. What a great day! Do I have to travel to the sites of Susie tree plantings? No, but when I can it gives me the greatest high.

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