March 21st

imageToday is a bittersweet day. It is bitter because it is the anniversary of Susie’s death and I feel so empty without her. This year is even harder because her sister Becky died after a very short illness just three weeks ago.

The only thing that fills that emptiness today is the first tree planting of the year. That is the sweetness because it means the beginning of this very meaningful part of my life. This the part that has saved me since Susie’s death. Now I will find something that will bring me comfort from Becky’s death.

Today’s tree is a Pinnacle Oak – a lovely little tree. Two friends from my library days came and shared the experience – and the cookies. We don’t have a chance to get together very often and it was wonderful to be with them. I loved seeing the Urban Forestry crew and knowing I’ll be seeing a lot of them this spring.image

There will be a bigger dedication tomorrow morning. I chose the location of this tree because I wanted a Susie tree near my young friend Holly’s house. She planned and made the heart-shaped planting happen last fall. Those trees are a long way from her house and I wanted her and her family to have a Susie three where they could watch it grow. Tomorrow will be a more festive day.

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