A Tree House Blog

It’s time to write a blog. And here I sit in the perfect place to write it. I’m in a tree house!image

It’s mother-daughter weekend for Becky and me and we came here to Treehouse Point for a fun night in a teeny-tiny tree house.image I come over to Seattle to the Bicycle Alliance auction on a Saturday night in November and then we play on Sunday and Monday. One year we went to Victoria to visit a Susie tree and another we explored Bellingham.

After enjoying Treehouse Masters on TV, I looked up their website and found they had a bed-and-breakfast. I quick called Becky, “We’re forgetting our other plans and going to stay in a tree house!” So here we are about to have some hot chocolate before bed.

Of course I came with an agenda. I’d hoped to meet a family member and present my idea, but they were off filming a show. So I talked to a staff member and hope he will pass on my tree enthusiasm. I suggested that at every tree house completion their company plant a future tree house tree somewhere in the vicinity. Naturally I would count them as Susie Forest trees.

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