What’s new?

So, what’s new in the Susie Forest world this spring planting season? I love getting new ideas for the planting ceremonies and new ideas for planting the trees.

This year I looked for sponsors and found three great people who were willing to donate for extra Susie trees. I hope they enjoy the idea so much that they will continue in the years to come.

And then there were the auctions. I’ve donated trees to the Bicycle Alliance of Washington’s auction every year and to the Methow Conservancy’s every other year, but this year auction donations went wild. My three imagesponsors all chose auctions to donate to and I found three Spokane groups that I wanted to help. I learned some lessons. Number 1. – trees don’t do well in silent auctions not even if I’m there to sell it. Number 2. – if I get to stand up and talk about the Susie Forest during a live auction I can get bids above the value of the tree. I have another live auction later this summer and I can’t get up and give my spiel so we’ll have to wait to see how it goes. imageThen I’ll make a decision about auctions for next year because I really want to make money for these important causes.

I’ve done Read for Trees programs since the second year of the Susie Forest in libraries and schools. Last year I branched out to a Sunday School and this year I tried a group of homeschoolers. They were very enthusiastic and the tree planting was such fun with Kat Hall from The Lands Council forming them into a working tree. We’ll see where this program leads me.

And last of all this was the year of the painted stones. It’s fun getting the paints and brushes out and deciding what kind of heart belongs on each stone. And I’m getting to go back and visit all the trees. I love this thread connecting all the trees in the Forest.image

I’m looking forward to seeing what new ideas come up during the next planting season.

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