No Susie Tree at the Tour des Trees

I came to Portland to add more Susie trees to the Forest, to see all the arborists on bicyclists, and to see some old Spokane friends. After counting several trees in both Chicago and Virginia Beach, I hoped to add more here in Portland. When I got to the first park I found that there would be only one tree dedication. It was great watching the bicyclists leave on their last day on their tour and then drive over to the finish point and watch them arrive. I was the last person on the finale agenda, but then the organizers found that no tree had been planted. So, no Nancy on the agenda. I did work my way through the crowd pushing tree-kibbles so that I wouldn’t have to pack them back in the crammed suitcase.
I did give the whole dedication spiel to my Spokane friends who had never seen it. And they wrote tree-grams for me to hang in the next Spokane tree. And they said they would come back to Laurelhurst Park in November and find the white oak that the Tour promised would be planted then.
Now I’m off to Ottawa where we’ll dedicate a tree that has already been planted.

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