A Day to Remember Susie

It was COLD yesterday at Riverfront Park, but luckily there was no snow (like there was this morning). The last three trees were in the ground when I arrived and so the planting crew and I waited for the first of (I hoped) the many people I invited.

I was edgy and nervous as if I had never planted a tree before, but as the people arrived those feelings disappeared and were replaced by the feelings of joy that the spring plantings in the Susie Forest were beginning.

My friend Gene Lorenson from Friendship Force played the bagpipe as we walked toward the grove and began hanging the tree- grams. All of the ten trees were graced with messages of love and hope.

That’s what trees can do: Take a day of great sorrow and bring great joy to it.

Thanks to all the people who braved the raw weather and came out to help celebrate the great life that was Susie’s.

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