How Many Trees This Season?

There have been so many trees added to the forest this planting season that I can’t keep it all straight. Trees came in batches. It started in March with six elms at Lewis and Clark High School. Then in May I helped the people at AscendA plant 13 seedlings and I thought that was the biggest addition to the Forest, but June brought an even bigger number -18. Kendall Yards added their street trees to the Susie Forest one evening. They told me there were 16 trees but when I went back to make sure all 16 had tree-grams I found there were really 18 along that street. I added those two to the count. There were six street trees added at Pioneer Electric and six planted on my whirlwind trip west.
Corbin Park has blossomed (or should that be leafed) with young trees. A year ago there was only one Susie tree in the park and two street trees a block north. Now those trees have been joined by seven more in the park and two street trees across the way.
I’m hoping that there will be a planting at the baseball park very soon, but the phone hasn’t rung with news yet. And today a friend called and wants her new apple tree to be a part of the Forest.
So is it 78 or 79 or 80 new trees this season? I’ll just keeping counting.

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