Another Trip, Another Tree

The suitcase is out and I’m getting excited about flying off to Chattanooga to Alliance for Biking & Walking’s retreat and the Pro-Walk Pro-Bike Conference. Since Susie’s death I have attended and I get a taste of her life and her influence and the love the people in this field have for her.I come away feeling energized to more to keep her memory alive.
We’ll be planting a tree on Monday the 13th in a park by the Tennessee River as a thank you to the people of Chattanooga. I want to plant a tree in each of the cities where I have attended. This will be the third. There are also trees in Seattle and Victoria BC. I have to get trees into St Paul and Madison. I’m hoping the conference will decide that this is a wonderful thing to leave behind and that it will become a tradition.
I have piles in my livingroom to stuff in the suitcase for a project that I hope will increase the size of the Susie Forest across North America. I won’t say more about it because I don’t want any of my targets to read about it before I spring it on them. I’ll report on it when I return.

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1 Response to Another Trip, Another Tree

  1. Chris Morfas says:

    Dear Nancy,

    It’s wonderful to hear of this fitting tribute to precious Susie, fondest memories of whom I carry in my heart always.

    Chris Morfas
    Sacramento, CA

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